Driftwood Bonsai - Buy Bonsai Trees UK

Driftwood Bonsai - Buy Bonsai Trees UK

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Driftwood Bonsai - Buy Bonsai Trees UK

Welcome to Driftwood Bonsai

The North's Best Known Character in the World of Bonsai

Driftwood Bonsai is a bonsai nursery based in Doncaster. As well as growing our own bonsai we import bonsai trees from all over the world including China, Japan, Korea and Europe. We exhibit at major garden shows and events throughout the UK and stock numerous varieties for sale for example Japanese White Pine, Black Pine, Juniper Bonsai, Japanese Maples and many Indoor Bonsai. We provide full aftercare to all our customers and stock Bonsai Pots, Bonsai tools, Bonsai Food and Soils for sale.

Featured Products
Chinese Elm Number 12 Chinese Elm Number 12
Maple Maple
Chinese Elm Number 10 Chinese Elm Number 10
Slow Release Fertiliser Slow Release Fertiliser
Black Glazed Pot 20 Black Glazed Pot 20
Akadama Akadama
Chinese Elm Number 29 Chinese Elm Number 29
Podocarpus 49 Podocarpus 49
Slow Release Fertiliser Rice Cakes Slow Release Fertiliser Rice Cakes
BioGold Fertiliser BioGold Fertiliser
Podocarpus 47 Podocarpus 47
Chinese Elm Number 28 Chinese Elm Number 28
Black Glazed Pot 17 Black Glazed Pot 17
Larch 32 Larch 32
Azalea Azalea
Syzigium Rockscape Syzigium Rockscape
Blue Glazed Pot 21 Blue Glazed Pot 21
Japanese Larch Japanese Larch

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